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Manpower Augmentation


In the last 10 to 15 years, resource augmentation has gained wide spread acceptance across technology based companies. Changing technologies and uncertainties in the business environment pose significant challenges across the board. To neutralize some of these risks, resource augmentation is a preferred practice across industries.

Resource augmentation results in lower investments and controlled attrition rates. Availability of a wide and varied pool of resources aids in ensuring all the benefits of efficient resourcing.

Based on needs expressed by some of our clients, Evolve has set up an independent vertical for Manpower Augmentation.

This vertical focuses on providing clients with the correct fit for their resource requirements. We engage with the client at all levels to provide them with the exact match for their requirements within the committed time frame and budget.

We have become partners of choice for our clients who adopt IT outsourcing as a proactive strategy. Our manpower augmentation services help organizations in leveraging technology, improving efficiency and quality and have also proven to be a cost effective engagement methodology to sustain large teams without building them in- house.

With our well-structured recruitment process delineated by experienced recruiters & professionals we address the concerns over functional ability and productivity of the teams deployed.

We are flexible on the model of engagement as we understand that each client’s requirement is unique and needs to be treated accordingly.

We have coverage across all the fields of Information Technology.

The resources can be placed at any of Evolve’s offices or at the direct or final Client site, -based on the requirement of the contracting client. We are able to provide skilled and trained resources from across the country for domestic as well as international assignments in a timely manner through our professional team of human resource specialists.

We have large coverage in the telecom domain with specialised support for managed services teams as well as resident engineers for telecom majors.

We also support large IT companies with their requirement in specialised skill sets like Identity Management & Embedded Systems as well as generic skills like Java and SQL.

We follow a proprietary system to ensure that the client gets the maximum benefit from the resourcing exercise with the most optimal cost structure. A schematic of the same is shown below.

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Telecom Integration

A very large and geographically spread population, low telephony penetration levels, and a rise in consumers’ income and spending owing to strong economic growth have helped make India the fastest-growing telecom market in the world.

The telecom market in India is dominated by players like Airtel, Reliance Infocomm, Vodafone, Idea cellular, Tata Teleservices and BSNL/MTNL. These players account for almost 80% of the subscriber base.

In terms of infrastructure, these players account for more than 70% of the telecom equipment and about 250,000 out of the 300,000 towers across the country. Also almost 670,000 route kilometres of optical fibres has been laid in India by these major operators, even in remote areas and the process continues. BSNL alone has laid optical fibre to 30,000 telephone exchanges out of their 36,000 exchanges.

Keeping in mind the viability of providing services in rural areas, an attractive solution appears to be one which offers multiple service facility at low costs. A rural network based on the extensive optical fibre network, using Internet Protocol and offering a variety of services and the availability of open platforms for service development, viz. the Next Generation Network, appears to be an attractive proposition. Fibre network can be easily converted to Next Generation network and then used for delivering multiple services at cheap cost. In the Next Generation Networks, multiple access networks can connect customers to a core network based on IP technology. These access networks include fibre optics or coaxial cable networks connected to fixed locations or customers connected through Wi-Fi as well as to 3G networks connected to mobile users.

As a result, in the future, it would be impossible to identify whether the next generation network is a fixed or mobile network and the wireless access broadband would be used both for fixed and mobile services. It would then be futile to differentiate between fixed and mobile networks – both fixed and mobile users will access services through a single core network.

The key players have provided services like mobile telephony, land line phones, internet access and are now looking to enhance the offerings through 3G services coupled with NGN networks.

To support the growth of these players as a key partner to all the telecom equipment and services providers, Evolve has set up the Telecom Services vertical.

We have a core technical team with over 100 years of cumulative IT management experience, possessing prime skills on Consulting, Solution engineering, Project Management and having proven expertise in managing end to end IT Operations for Telecom Service Providers with certified competence levels in Core Networking, Storage and Security.

We also consult to provide Networking Integration and Storage Solutions for customers across all verticals as our personnel’s experience of managing critical equipment with stringent Services Level Agreement parameters holds us in good stead.

Our brand agnostic and services led approach enables our customers to get what’s right for them only. Not limited to Technology Integration we offer Onsite Services (Resident Engineers), SLA based Managed Services for device maintenance and more.

Services quality is the key to successes and nimbleness and flexibility are key factors which enables Evolve to be partner of choice for high quality specialized services and products.

A snapshot of our telecom capability is given below.

Our offerings include product purchases across Networking products of Juniper, f5, Cisco, Redback/Ericsson and Storage products of Netapp, Isilon, Symantec(Veritas), Iron Mountain.

We are the exclusive provider of ION & INFOBLOX products in India.

We also Design-Implement-Manage Services on Networking and Storage as well as SLA based support IT Infra services and onsite resources.

Our comprehensive Professional Services Suite covers BTS installation & configuration, Radiation level audit and certification as per ICNRIP / TEC standards, NGN configuration, Packet Core implementation and Data centre integration / Multi vendor product integration.

Write to us at info@evolve-india.com to know more about how Evolve can address your service needs and partner you to achieve mutual success.

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About Us


Evolve Technologies & Services Pvt. Ltd. is a young and fast growing company in the X-Ray Imaging, Information Technology and Telecom domains with a pan India footprint.

We are a privately held, professionally managed corporation, which is a part of the Evolve Group of companies, founded by the Tandon Group. We have come into existence based on firm ideologies that are represented by professionals who have rallied together to pool in past business experiences, exposure and contributions in various specialized domains of the IT sector.

Evolve business interests cover High End X-Ray Imaging Products, Manpower Augmentation, Telecom System Integration, Consulting, Solution Engineering,Project Management & Processing Services.

To address a growing need in the niche area of X-Ray inspection technology, Evolve has launched the ETS3107-TT Series of Automated X-Ray Inspection Systems.

We also keenly focus on Manpower Augmentation and Telecom System Integration and work with large MNCs and leading local IT companies.

Some of our clients are AT&T, Ericsson, Huawei, Oracle, NXP, Tech Mahindra, Trident and ZTE.

We are working with almost all the OEMs in the telecom space in providing them with Professional Services, Integration & Commissioning Solutions, Operations and Management Services, including managing AMCs and augmenting them with Telecom Engineers.

Evolve is founded on the values of commitment, trust and loyalty and is a performance centric professional organisation. It has a people centric work culture where transparency and teamwork form the foundation for achieving excellence.

Being a young company, it offers immense opportunities for growth and has been acknowledged as an equal opportunity employer.

Our core strengths are depicted in the image below.

About Us

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Vision and Core Values


Our Vision

To be a dream technology company, based on correct by construction approach in everything we do, to become the first choice of customers across all their needs.

Our Core Values

Values are defined as a collection of guiding, usually positive, important and enduring principles shared by the members of a group about what is deemed to be correct and desirable and what is not. They exert a major influence on the behaviour of each individual within the group and serve as broad guidelines in all situations.

We have defined our Core Values to help provide answers to tough questions and act as a guiding light in situations of conflict. They will help us steer our resources in a single direction, define how our people want to behave with each other in the organization and how the organization will value customers, suppliers, and the internal community. As our values are from the core of our company’s soul, they will help us prosper and build a culture of fast growth.

Our core values are

a. Teamwork

i. We believe that good teams can be stronger than the sum of their parts.

ii.. True teamwork and true partnership assumes an intimate understanding and alignment of each others goals and requires each party to actively care for and trust each other.

b. Integrity & Honesty

i. We believe in always doing what we say we will and when we say we will.

ii. We always hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards and take personal responsibility for our words and actions.

c. Passion

i. Putting the heart and mind in the work to get the best

ii. Acting enthusiastically and owning responsibility for every assignment, task and job.

d. Excellence

i. Excellence is the unlimited ability to improve the quality of our offerings

ii. Constantly strive to achieve the highest possible standards in our day-to-day work and in the quality of the services we provide.

We believe that o the active participation of each and every member of the organization will ensure assimilation of the core values and a truly organization-wide, value-based, shared culture and hence to ensure that the core values become a part of the DNA of the company, we have threaded our core values into a core value statement.

Our core value statement is

Teamwork with Integrity, Honesty and Passion will lead us to Excellence

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Corporate Responsibility


  • To benchmark ourselves beyond legal compliance in areas like corporate governance, environment sensitivity and human rights.


  • To achieve overall accountability in conducting business, as well as educating and encouraging similar practices in our own supply chain.


    To uphold the same code of conduct as that of our principals.

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Dental Imaging

Dental Imaging

As per our research in dental radiology, we are proud to introduce the indigenously designed, developed and manufactured digital dental detector OraDect.

Evolve Technologies and Services Pvt. Ltd. is India’s first and only indigenous manufacturer of the ETS3107-DDX series of oral detectors for dental clinics, dentalsurgery and endodontic treatment facilities.


Evolve’s OraDect Pro™ brings together advanced technology and extreme reliability to provide exceptional value and maximum return on investment.

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IT Recruitment

IT Recruitment


Evolve Technologies, a business division of Tandon Group of companies, offers cutting edge industry solutions for deriving business value for our clients’ IT initiatives. Offering deep domain expertise in IT Domain related to Banking, Financial Services, Infrastructure, Manufacturing, Telecom and Healthcare. Evolve Technologies leads its service in offering skills augmentation and professional consulting services. With over 1500 professionals deputed across India, our major clients include Captive IT units in India, Product Companies and IT Services firms. Our Vision Our Vision is to be among the Professional Services firm in the Information Technology Space; we aim to achieve this by 2020.

  • IT Consulting
  1. Enterprise Solutions and Services

Most Enterprise Implementation Projects face the risk of a poor implementation due to lack of understanding project scope, risks, subject-matter and domain knowledge. Ultimately this resonates in the client workplace when project objectives are not met. Evolve comes in with the required skill sets commencing from devising ERP strategies, business blueprinting, ERP architecture through to implementation and customization till the go-live, maintenance and support phase.


2.Internet and Web Services Migrating /decoupling legacy applications to multi-tiered web-based solutions, creating internal and external enterprise front-end enterprise portals, enhancing enterprise content management, integrating smartphones and other mobile devices into enterprise web solutions, and optimizing solutions are typical scenarios where our large team of web engineers can make a difference across hardware, operating systems, web-servers and application servers across technologies (.Net, Java, C++, Oracle)

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Staff Augmentation

Staff Augmentation


  • Staff Augmentation

Evolve focuses on providing clients with the correct fit for their resource requirements. We engage with the client at all levels to provide them with the exact match for their requirements within a committed time frame & budget. Our manpower augmentation services help organizations in leveraging technology, improving efficiency and quality and have also proven to be a cost effective engagement methodology to sustain large teams without building them in- house. With our well-structured recruitment process delineated by experienced recruiters & professionals we address the concerns over functional ability and productivity of the teams deployed.

  • Permanent Placement

Evolve Team make conscious efforts to provide the right mix of quality candidates keeping in mind the client’s description, needs and requirements as well as the work culture of the organization. Having hired more than 60,000 resources we have expanded horizon in permanent staffing and also recruitments at all level from an executive to senior management.

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Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Recruitment Process Outsourcing


  • RPO/In Plant Support

With our unique RPO Model, client can outsource end to end recruitment activity to us be it for the entire organization or any particular business/ project. Evolve will facilitate the recruitment process by providing skilled human resources, tools, technologies, etc. and would virtually function as our client’s “Recruitment Department”

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