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Dear Employee,

Hope your system has licensed and updated Anti-Virus.

If not, update Anti-Virus Software now. If you have not updated follow the below steps and update it after doing so.

Despite repeated notices to you important tasks for security are still pending.

This is the last call to comply with the system security.

Following tasks need to be completed:

1. Antivirus Update
2. Windows Patch Installation
3. SMB Disable Patch

1. For Anti-Virus :-

Kindly click on the links below for download (Please choose 32-bit or 64-bit as per your system):





Kindly click on the link below & submit the detailed status of your current anti-virus.


Please note: Fill-the same form and upload screenshot after updating your Anti-virus.

2. For Windows Patch Installation, follow the below steps :-

How to check Windows update is installed or not ?

Go to RUN (press Windows key + R key)
run command.jpg

Paste the following path:


Press Enter

Right click on srv.sys file & select properties >  Details Tab

file properties.jpg
Check file version should be equal to 6.1.7601.23689 or Higher if it is not then install update from below link:

If it is a lower version please update using following links:

For 32 Bit



For 64 Bit



After installing the update,check the file version again to verify.

3. SMB Disable Patch: 

You need to download SMB disable patch from below link & run on your computer.


Evolve Technical Support